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Featured Products:

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Department 56 RETIREMENTS have been announced! We have a great selection of retired and current pieces! Call with any questions!

We are a Platinum Dealer for Department 56.We also fulfill for their website, so if you receive a package from Country in the Village, through Dept. 56 website, we are a mom and pop store that fulfills orders for Dept. 56. Please feel free to contact us if you need to.

It's a huge year for Dept. 56. It is our 40th year celebration, and there will be all kinds of celebrations in store for all of us. Two very special surprises are a Dicken's Ltd. Edition thatched roof house, Foxmore Cottage, and a Snow Village church, Old St. John's Church, which will be available only to Platinum Dealers like ourselves. These are both in stock.

NEW Department 56 village pieces are in! Our ltd. edition collection for the holidays is called "Christmas Sweets, A Holiday Tradition." It is limited to 2016 production. We have a building and accessory for The North Pole, Dicken's Village, and Snow Village. We also have a Christmas Sweets Landscape Set. You will love the prices! $89 for the sweet shop and $26 for the accessory!

We are your headquarters for Dept. 56 lighting and related product. Please bring your questions to us as well.

We have a great selection of Snowbabies, including Snow Dream, 12 Days of Christmas, and Snowbaby ornaments. Our Ltd. Edition piece for 2016 is "Welcome Back Jack" (pictured above).

Look closely at that snowflake next time it lands on your mitten. Is it just a snowflake? Or could this be the tiny world where the Snowbabies live?

Above: Dicken's Village Foxmore Cottage. Available only to Platinum Dealers.Below is Old St. John's Church, also only available to Platinum Dealers.

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